The Roles Of Traditional American Family Essay

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In America the roles of the traditional American family have changed over the last couple of decades. Shifting from the more traditional roles of work and family, men being the breadwinners of the family, and the women being at home with the childrearing to more egalitarian values, where ideally both parents bring in money for the family and both parents do the caretaking (Gerson “Men’s Resistance to Equal Sharing”). According to Kathleen Gerson, we see that most Americans want an egalitarian breakdown of work and home, but unfortunately it’s not the reality. Today in America, we see more or a neotradional theme, were women are expected to work fulltime and also take on the full responsibility of caretaker at home (Gerson “Men’s Resistance to Equal Sharing”). I asked my mom, Susan, a 55 year old, white, married woman, who works full time as an IT project manager for CACI, how gender has affected her both, in the workplace, which is male dominated, and in her family life.
My mom grew up in what she described to me as a sexist household, where her parents enacted the traditional family roles; her father took on the breadwinning role, participating in occasional special family activities on the weekends, and her mother was in charge of the daily home and childcare. She did see a shift when she was in her 20’s, her father took on more the household responsibilities including, cleaning, and cooking. Not only did these gender roles play a part in her home life, but they also
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