The Roles Of Women During The Mafia

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Women are not usually discussed about when it comes to organized crimes and Mafias. They are not always taken as seriously as their male counterparts. They are usually seen as the emotional support for their men. They are viewed as passive onlookers. The women are seen as victims of the male power, even though this plays along with the male stereotype. Women are involved in organized crimes for a number of reasons. They could be involved out of greed, the need to survive, or even to seek independence. There are even three stages to women being involved in the Mafia. The three stages being part of a support system, then defending their men, and the final stage being them becoming criminals. Griselda Blanco is a great example of a woman…show more content…
Even women involved in Mafia related activities were not taken seriously when they were arrested and taken to trial. They had a certain concept that the Mafia was conservative and machoistic. Women were just seen as lacking the power to actually be in the Mafia. If a woman was featured in the news of committing a Mafia crime then she was seen as some kind of mythical creature, even if a male had committed the same crime. The youth and beauty of the women was prominent. The cruelty and brutality of the crimes were emphasized. Women started out being a support system for their mafia male counterparts then they ended up becoming the leading protagonists. At first, women would help hide men and would help manage the “clans”. They would help maintain contact and social relations. They were seen as dependable figures. They would help bail out men. Women that were part of a religion were viewed as being a respectable and revising image of the organization. There were two well known groups of Mafia women and they were the Camorra and Cosa Nostra. Cosa Nostra was a Sicilian organization. They were two completely different groups. The Sicilian Mafia women were loyal and subordinate wives. They did not interfere with their husband’s projects or decisions. They would obey all of the husband’s orders. The Camorra Mafia women were involved and aware of their husbands’ activities. They

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