The Roles Of Women 's Islam

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The role of women in Islam is not easily defined. Muslim women today are struggling to deal with the stereotypes and misconceptions associated with the role of women in Islam. The Qur’an and the practice of the Prophet Muhammad recognize the different functions of women and mutually support both roles of men and women. The Qur’an encourages a fair, balanced social and family life. While the Western society consider Islam an “oppressive religion” with regard to women, Muslim women point out the freedom and dignity they derive from their faith. Women are often misunderstood through the negative conations given to them through social media, but the West must look at Islam through a different lens looking at the true reasons for their faith in Islam. From the beginning of Islam to modern day, the roles of women have gained importance, especially in Africa, where women have raised to a new level of superiority.
Prophet Muhammad, a very successful social reformer as well as spiritual and political guide, promoted the rights of the weak and oppressed. There are Qur 'anic verses referring to women, which have the effect of advancing the status and rights of women. For example, the verse,
“Do not long for the favors by which God has made some of you excel others. Men shall have a share of what they have earned, and women shall have a share of what they have earned. (Do not envy each other) but ask God to give you of His bounty. God has knowledge of all things” (Qur 'an 4:31-32).…

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