The Roles and Effects of Migration in Africa Essay

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To accurately analyze various impacts of migration, one must first understand clearly the meaning of migration. Migration is the process or means by which people move from one geographical location to another geographical location (Castle and Miller, 2009). However, migration plays a key role in the development of both developed and developing countries. According to (Castle and Miller, 2009), “we are well into a post industrial, post-cold war world and about to embark on a brand new century within which immigration will play a central role”. Migration of people is not a new phenomenon, as people have always migrated from one country to another for various reasons. However, these movements may have certain enormous effect on the…show more content…
The “brain drain” phenomenon is also considered to be a setback for Africa; in the sense that the educational level of persons that are leaving the continent to other parts of the world is sometimes high; and many of those people subsequently do no return to their home country afterwards. Brain drain has left many African nations short of skills which are needed to meet the challenges of development in the twenty first century (El-Khawas, 2004, Pg: 37). According to Beine et al (2008), they define brain drain as the international transfer of resources in the form of human capital and mainly applies to the migration of relatively high educated individuals from the developing to the developed countries (Beine et all, 2008, Pg : 631). However, in another terms, the brain drain represents the outflow of one of the most, for many countries, scarce resources (human capital). Therefore, according to the definition, one should be conscious of the effect which brain drain might have upon the economic development for mostly underdeveloped countries. However, considering brain drain, its effects and the incentives behind those international transfers of human capital has become essential. The brain drain can be divided into two different categories. There are certain people on one hand who have fully completed their education in Africa and afterwards they decide to migrate to other
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