The Roles of Family in the Philippines

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In the Philippines Family comes first among any other priorities in life. A typical Filipino family is composed of father, mother, with children and may also include an extended family of aunt, uncle, cousin or grandparent.
The father is head of the family and acts as the breadwinner. He makes major decisions in consultation with his wife. He implements discipline in the family. The treasurer and home keeper in the family is the wife. She takes care of the children and her husband. Children are usually closer to her than to their father. Nowadays, there are also working mothers because of the rising need in the cost of living. The father and the mother work hand in hand, to establish and give the life that their children deserve.
The children are taught to respect and obey their parents. The elder sibling, especially the girl, is trained to be her mother’s assistant. She learns to look after her younger siblings and to manage the home. Elder sibling also gets respect from the younger ones. Filipino children are assigned home chores to train them to be responsible. The family molds the child’s character. It is where moral values are first being taught. The parents are the ones responsible in inculcating good manners and right conduct to their children that they will carry on as they grow up.
Close family ties is also one of the trademarks in a Filipino family. The strong bond in the family is very prominent in the…

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