The Roles of I-330 and O-90

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The Roles of I-330 and O-90 Zamyatin’s We is a story set far into the future. There is only one country, OneState, and the government controls everything. The story is actually a diary written by the main character, D-503, that is to be sent aboard a space shuttle to other planets in order to describe the greatness of OneState. The diary details the changes that take place in D-503’s life and way of thinking. A woman who was known as I-330 brought about these changes. This anarchistic woman corrupts D-503, throughout the story and steals him away from the woman who loves him, O-90. These two women, and especially I-330, have major roles in the story that documents D-503’s gaining of a soul. In the beginning…show more content…
This may have begun as a result of the liquor that I-330 supplied, but it scares him to think that he may have a savageness in him that until then only showed with the hair on his hands. I-330 also gets him to skip work and introduces him to the Old House. His introduction to the Old House is significant because it is there that the world before OneState is preserved. Because I-330 is fascinated with the customs and costumes of the “old ways”, it ultimately effects D-503 as well. It is in the Old House, that D-503 and I-330 have sex without a pink ticket and outside of the time blocked for sexual relations. It is appropriate that afterwards, I-330 states, “Well, fallen angel. Now you’re ruined.” After this encounter, D-503 can no longer be with O-90, and he falls even more in love with I-330. It is because of I-330 that D-503 develops a soul. This soul that the doctors refer to is imagination, which is dangerous to the government of OneState. This frightens D-503 as he continues to believe that he is completely submissive to OneState long after he begins to follow I-330’s plan. Eventually, I-330 is able to manipulate D-503 into her plan to take over the Integral and use it against the government. The plot ultimately fails through no fault of D-503 and the government captures I-330. The story

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