The Roles of Nurse and Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Mercutio and Nurse, the companions of Romeo and Juliet, do not fully understand true love. Their outlook on life and sex is quite different from the two main characters. This variation is intended to be, and is what makes them comical characters. Nurse and Mercutio are parallel because they both supply the personality in “Romeo and Juliet” that is not possessed by the two main characters. The aspect that is shown by Romeo and Juliet is love. Nurse and Mercutio provide the humor throughout the play. The relationship that Mercutio has with Romeo is sturdy in all areas except love. This opposition can clearly be seen when Montague talks about Romeo’s depression over Roseline. “And private in his chamber pens himself, shuts up his windows, …show more content…
At the Capulet party, Nurse says that the man who marries Juliet “shall have the chinks” (I.V.118). Nurse means that whoever marries her is going to be rich. This quote proves that Nurse is just like everyone else and thinks of marriage as gains rather than love. It seems like Nurse cares more about money than love. Rather than mention how wonderful Juliet is as a person to Romeo, she chooses to mention how much money she has. Mercutio is also laid back and does not take life or sex seriously. When Romeo says that he had a dream, Mercutio tells about his dream, which was, “That dreamers often lie” (I.IV.50). His quick responses show that he lives life happily day by day. Mercutio’s view of sex is clearly seen while he is talking to Romeo. “For this driveling love is like a great natural that runs lolling up and down to hide his bauble in a hole.” (II.IV.88-90) Romeo’s view would be completely different. These differing views that Mercutio and Nurse have from Romeo and Juliet are exactly what makes the play amusing. Things that are funny are either not familiar, or are things the audience can relate to. In “Romeo and Juliet”, Mercutio and Nurse are funny because they are characters that can be related to.
Mercutio and Nurse do not fully understand Romeo and Juliet. This could be a reason why Romeo never tells Mercutio about his love for Juliet. Nurse knows only so much about what goes on between Romeo and
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