The Roles of Social Media in Politics

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From the words of United States President Barack Obama "Call your members of Congress. Write them an email. Tweet it using the hashtag #My2K." (Coffee). Social media has played an increasing and larger part in today's government. Social media has the power to influence elections and connect the people to the policy makers in new ways. Social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Flicker, internet websites, and blogs are becoming mainstream attracting a younger more technology savvy voter. Many candidates in the last elections learned to use these mediums so not to overlook tech savvy voters and learned how to use these to their advantage. Candidates took to the internet to raise awareness, state views, and even…show more content…
To measure the public opinions of issues professional pollsters develop polls. Since there is no way every person in the United States could be asked a question a smaller proportion from the larger population, called a sample, is taken instead. There are different ways and different means that pollsters can sample a slice of America. Random sampling is a technique researchers do so that everyone has an equal probability of being selected for a sample. There are exit polls where persons are surveyed after they have voted. The problem with exit polls is that they may change the results of an election called the bandwagon effect. If people who haven’t voted hear a poll that says their candidate or issue is winning they may choose note to vote. Random digit sampling is a technique where a pollster will place random telephone calls to unlisted and listed phone numbers. Polls have built in problems, the sampling error. A sampling error is the level of confidence in the findings of a poll. Every poll has a statistical error most have a +/- 3points but a poll that is not scientifically arranged could have an error of 8 to 10 points. Some polls have a gender gap, difference between the sexes. Most women appear to vote democrat and be more progressive which means if a poll only talks to men it could have a more conservative outcome. In addition the poll data must be analyzed by campaign staff. In 2012, Presidential
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