The Roller Coaster Of Roller Coasters

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Since humans were created, we have always searched for some kind of thrill and excitement. Once man was tired of playing with something as dangerous as fire, he decided to move on to more dangerous things, thus, the roller coaster was born. From sliding down rocky mountains, to the huge steel coasters we have today. Roller coasters have evolved, and will continue to evolve alongside humans. The way roller coasters are made, the safety of the roller coasters and the popularity of them are just a few things that make up the history of these magnificent gifts to man. Coaster history has its ups, downs and loop di loops, all that bring us to where we are today. Roller coasters originally were very different from the ones in amusement parks…show more content…
The ride was constructed by LaMarcus A. Thompson and was the first Gravity Switchback Railway. This particular coaster attracted many people and brought tons of business to Coney Island. (Benson 2012. From here the roller coaster business only went up. By the 1920’s, roller coasters were extremely popular. Nearly 2,000 coasters were built! Sadly, there are not many, if any of these coasters still standing. According to the most recent census there are close to 750 coasters in the United States alone! There are around 4,500 total in the whole world (Johnson The growth of roller coasters continue to expand as more resources become available and inventors become more creative. Back in the 1990s, roller coasters were primarily made out of wood with small bits of steel and metals. Wood was much cheaper and easier to use.(Schaefer 2004 Roller Coasters). This put a limit on how coasters could be designed so the majority of them around the united states were extremely similar. The safety of rider’s was not much of a concern back in those days. There were many deaths back in the 1900’s simply because most of the coasters had faulty designs, safety, or were improperly built. (McGill 2001., The amount of deaths that were caused because of the negligence is exactly why roller coasters had to change to fit the times and safety resources. Today, the safety

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