The Rolling Stones

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The Rolling Stones, self-acclaimed and fan-supported, is “The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.” The Rolling Stones is well into its fifth decade performing together as a group. They are the longest lived, continuous performing band in the history of music. From the band’s early British beginnings through the present, The Rolling Stones has continued to adapt its music to the sounds and styles of the past five decades, to remain ever visible and popular in the eyes of the world. The “Stones,” as the band has become known by, was formed by the blues-loving London born, childhood friends, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Over the period following Jagger’s and Richards’ chance reunion on a train at the Dartford
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Oldham, the Stones’ first manager, is quoted as saying “The Rolling Stones are more that just a group – they are a way of life.” The Stones refused to conform to the wants and censorship of the British establishment. Brian Jones said “Young people are measuring opinion with new yardsticks and it must mean greater individual freedom of expression. Pop music will have its part to play in all of this.” The British establishment tried to break the band apart by pursuing drug charges against Jagger, Richards, and Jones. Jagger and Richards were able to rebound from the drug charges and avoid prison sentences. Jones was unable to give up the drug addiction and eventually left the band on June 8, 1969, he was found dead on July 3, 1969 and the official cause was “death by misadventure.” The Rolling Stones developed a large fan base during their early years as they represented and led the way in pursuing a change in the existing censorious British establishment. During the early years of the band as they struggled against the British establishment, The Rolling Stones also debuted in United States. The first song to hit the charts in the United States was called “That Girl Belongs to Yesterday.” The Stones did not face the same censorship in the United States as they did in Britain, however, the band did face some controversy over an incident at a free concert performed at Altamont Speedway, outside of San Francisco. The Hell’s Angels were hired as
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