The, Rolling Stones, Rob, The Jh Ranch Camp Director

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"Welcome to the wilderness, Rolling Stones!" Rob, the JH Ranch camp director, said in his unique Australian accent with a slight southern draw added from living in Nashville for several years. "As y 'all will recall, your coaches can 't tell you how to get to your destination, or when you arrive. It 's up to your leader, secretary, and your navigator to get you there. This activity is meant to make your team and your relationship to the lord stronger. Don 't forget the steps in solving a problem: pray, analyze the information given, discuss the problem, listen to everyone in your group, and choose the best plan of action." "Don 't worry," Rachel and Ben said simultaneously, "It 's only like a four to five hour hike, unless you get lost." Rachel and Ben were my coaches while I was at camp. I could call them counselors, but they weren 't exactly counselors to me, more like second parents, or coaches. Little did I know, this "four or five hour hike" would be one of the worst experiences of my life. "Y 'all will tell us when we get there right?" Patton, our fearless leader questioned. "Um no." They were serious about this whole teamwork thing, which the ROLLING STONES weren 't very good at- which proved to provide a serious problem. "Gather around, we are going to pray for y 'all then y 'all can be on your way," Rob said a little too excited to send us off. "Remember to listen to everyone in your group, especially the ones that don 't scream
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