The Rolling Tides Of Power

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Devin Vanzant Ms. Martin Period 5 February 23 2016 The Rolling Tides of Power When you group social groupings, war and weaponry, and the economy together, there may not be an apparent similarity between the three items, however, it truly is apparent, and that similarity is the aspect of competition for power. Throughout the course of the history of the United States, the want for power has been a continuous competition. this competition has been apparent on both a national and international level over disputes of social labeling and values, a competitive industrial economy, and as well a fight to be on top in the scientific worlds of medicine and military through different examples in our past, present, and near future. Jamelle Bouie, an…show more content…
After the constant pressuring from the community, the Republican National Committee reworded the Tweet to state that “Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in ending racism.” (Republican National Committee) Although the perceptible issues over race and racism in American society, it is not the only issue that is controversial in American society. The constant struggle of women in America fighting to gain equality proved to be a great part of the volatile social constructs created in American society. The origins of gender inequality did not start recently. Even since the first American colony formed, women had been looked down upon and labeled simply as housewives or mothers. Throughout American history, women’s rights activists and feminists had grown in numbers and grown in power through various organizations and groups in order to achieve their goal of gender equality. One of these said groups is the UN Women’s association. The UN Women are a specific organization of the United Nations geared towards the betterment of women in society. In collaboration with Memac Ogilvy and Mather Dubai, two renowned advertising partners and marketers, UN Women created a series of Internet advertisements about the mortification that some women in American society receive. The advertisements contained a series of Google searches from the United States which were humiliating to women. Some of these searches mentioned how
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