The Roman And Chinese Empires

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China and Rome are both complex, independent empires with unique characteristics. Although each empire is independent, there are variables that allow them to be similar to one another within their strengths and weaknesses. The Chinese empires were established in around 221 B.C.E., and the Roman Republic was first administered in around 500 B.C.E. Both the Roman and Chinese empires underwent a series of various transitions to obtain their current status in terms of government systems, legal ideas, and in-depth philosophies and teachings. The most powerful aspect within the Roman Empire is their military. Throughout the fifth century B.C.E and continuing forward throughout time, Roman society had established dominance by military throughout the Mediterranean Sea and continued inland into Europe. Rome had many wars with neighboring countries, to try and unify the surrounding states. The Romans were close to extinction within their military at certain points, but because of their military’s renowned skills the Romans were able to win in the end. Although many of the individuals were lost during battle, they were still honored and lived past their life they had lost. After the impeachment of Rome’s final king in 509 B.C.E, Rome had officially become a republic empire, the Roman citizens all contributed and shared power, and allowed them to elect their officials. This meant that positions were not important, and all citizens represented Rome. This created social tension,

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