The Roman And Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire, which was centered in the city of Rome, was the most extensive western civilization of ancient times. With its major advancements and prosperity it is hard to believe that the Roman Empire suddenly collapsed and fell into a time known as the Dark Ages. After a period of struggles for the Roman Empire, the empire gradually fell. Rome was the most successful civilization of its time. Its strategic location in the center of the Italian Peninsula and the fertile plains that supported the growing empire allowed Rome to thrive. The Romans were able to turn the Italian city state into a large empire. A very well organized army insured their success. Soldiers were paid, giving them the ambition to fight. Conquered lands were also redistributed to the soldiers. The Romans used foreign military techniques, such as Greek techniques, to their advantage. The Roman army was successful and used their victories to their advantage. They treated their enemies with generosity but also firmness. Their most successful achievement, however, was their advanced system of government. The Roman Republic was a system of government that divided power among two consuls, the senate and the plebeian army. Here came the idea of a representative democracy, which would thrive for over 450 year. By that time, the republic had spread its control throughout the mediterranean sea and as far as Britain. Beginning with the Republic’s Twelve Tables, law would develop over years into a legal
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