The Roman Battle Of Rome

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According to Roman mythology, Roman “warfare” started all the way back with Romulus and Remus. It is said that the two brothers fought against each other, therefore making the first Roman battle. Rome was a peaceful place until the leaders of Rome decided to try to conquer neighboring countries. Roman warfare went on for centuries over bountiful amounts of territories. Over all of these battles the Romans won an amazing amount of those battles. The Romans were usually superior not only in numbers, but they were also superior in strategy. In addition the Roman army’s naval warfare was incredibly advanced. Throughout all of Roman history Roman ships were propelled by sails and rowers. These giant warships were not only used to ram into other ships, they were also used to transport troops to other lands. In order to ram other ships, the Romans wrapped bronze around the tip of the ship then ram the bow of the Roman’s ship into the side of the enemy ship. This tactic of ramming the enemy ship with the bronze-tipped front of the ship was not the Romans’ invention, rather it was the Greeks that had first used this tactic, and the Romans knew this was a fantastic tactic on the grounds that it had worked in the past. Sadly, the Romans barely had the opportunity to use their naval warfare tactics as the greater amounts of their battles happened on land. Therefore the ships and naval warfare tactics were mostly used for defending Italy from the sea. Roman infantry, or…

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