The Roman Catholic Church And Caribbean Cultures Essay

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All of us are different, we all experience different things, grow up in certain ways, and are influenced by different cultures. Culture aids in shaping our behavior and influencing our health practices, therefore impinging on our future. As for this, in this paper I will be analyzing my two cultures as an individual. The experiences and practices that I have endured have made me the woman that I am today. Thus, my two cultures that I have chosen to address are the Roman Catholic Church and Caribbean cultures.
Namely, the first one that I will be spiel is my Roman Catholic Church culture. The Roman Catholic Church culture has been an important stake in my life. As well as, it is being the largest Christian church in the world, with more than a billion members worldwide. As far as I can remember I have always been involved in the Roman Catholic Church from being baptized at two months old to starting pre-k at my local Catholic school. The mechanisms that I enjoy about this culture are praying, the community, and the willingness to help.
However, the Roman Catholic Church has recently seen some controversy surrounding the religion in the last past few years. Which has resulted in many profound opinions upon my religious culture. Even though, I may not acquiesce with everything that the church believes is right to maintain on a righteous path, it is still my duty to defend the church, contour to promote the views of the church. For one thing, it is definitely formidable to be
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