The Roman Empire : A Sophisticated Civilization

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G.Max Cruz World History 7.2 March 24 , 2015 The Roman Civilization The Roman empire was a very sophisticated civilization. The empire lasted from 27 BC through 476 CE. They had a republic government that was very strict,there was also times ruled under emperors. It was a powerful nation with a strong in military leadership, agriculture, and trade. The world as it is known today would not be the same without the existence of the determined leadership of the Roman empire. The Roman empire began in 27 BC and ended in 476 CE. In between these years, there were times of conflict and times of ease. During the first 450 years, the Roman empire was a republic, ruled by many government officials. After existing as a republic for 450 years, a man named Julius Caesar, named himself official dictator of the Roman empire. With Julius Caesar ruling, a time period known as the “Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity” ensued, this was the height of the Roman empire. This era ended soon after, due to a greedy ruler named Commodus. The Roman empire ended in 476 CE by Rome 's last leader, Romulus. He was over powered by a Germanic Leader named Odoacer. The geography has greatly affected the Roman civilization. The Roman civilization is bordered by the Tiber River and two mountain ranges. With this geography the civilization was well protected. When threats occurred the Roman army went around the border to keep watch of for any intruding invaders. Since the civilization was so close to a
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