The Roman Empire And Modern Technology

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The Roman Empire left a legacy that still continues to affect people with modern technology. The Romans’ technology might have not been as advanced as modern technology today, but they still managed to caused great impact over the ancient people. The Roman Empire’s inventions and innovations such as indoor plumbing, aqueducts, and construction of roads and buildings with their fast drying will always be notable attention because they managed to acquire extensive progress without modern methods. However, the Romans were not restricted to new inventions, they also managed to improve the existing fields of medicine, law, government and warfare. Some of the concepts and inventions were from the regions they conquered, but they were so adept at improving their enemies technology that they took the credit for creating most of the technology. Therefore, making impossible for modern people to distinguish between original Roman inventions and other regions or empires inventions. The Roman Empire was remarkable and their techniques, concepts and tools have influenced people throughout history and it could be said that the Romans were the foundation humankind need it to extend and affirm its power. It was not easy for the Roman Empire to achieve so many exceptional accomplishment when some of their emperors were not qualified to rule and its enemies were always trying to invade the empire. However, many factors played a part in the Roman Empire fall, but religion, the corruption of

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