The Roman Empire Essay

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The Roman Empire, arguably one of the greatest civilizations to have ever ruled here on earth. The story is that it was founded by two brothers, Romulus and Remus, sons of Mars, the God of war, and raised by a she-wolf. After killing his brother for crossing his wall, Romulus went on to become the first king of Rome, which was named for him. Later when the men of Rome wanted noble women to be the mothers of their children, they conceived of a plan that included deceiving the Sabin’s and kidnapping their women. Rome was founded on murder, deception and rape, not a very commendable beginning of an empire that would become a model of modern ethics. What most people consider when Rome is discussed is Gladiator’s, excess and corruption, Harrods permitting the crucifixion of Jesus, plus the persecution of the Christians afterwards. All this arguments to a nation debase with pagan ideas, concerned with nothing but a necessity for power and dominion over the known world. Many know about the betrayal of Caesar, the insanity of Nero and the brutality of Caligula also see Rome as wicked. Growing up in the church, raised on stories of the old testament, ten commandments, Jesus and his parables, it was easy to believe the Jews were the only race with morals and ethics. The truth is that though there have been varied civilizations in history, most of the cultures followed the same blueprint of how to treat each other. The Babylonians, Greeks, Persians all left remnants of their

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