The Roman Empire

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However, numerous aspects allowed the Byzantine Empire to stay in power for a 1000 years after the end of the Roman Empire; primarily the emperors were focused on the political, culture and economic affairs from top to bottom. This triangle strategy of the empire backed by a greater strategic communication and well-designed political warfare against their rivals enabled the empire to stay stable and secure. There are also few other internal and external factors and advantages. Including some great permanent resource such as Anatolia for workforce and Egypt for cash. The regional stability was also a significant factor and the Persia, and the Islamic caliphates have not significantly challenged the emperors. There was also some natural and geographic advantages, such as shorter borders and few disputes over the land and boundaries. The active Macedonians military and the Thema system militias were an essential factor in the security. But, the role of leadership should not be ignored in the empire, and most of the Byzantine emperors were either smart or had the brightest around them. Martine Luther’s challenge of the Catholic Church’s through written theses was mostly a political warfare through existing means and tools. Of course, he is one of the most influential figures in the history of West, his works even influenced eastern scholars and religious leaders. At the, while the social media was not a top of discussions and any such technology has not existed, but he
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