The Roman Empire : The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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Rome was once an extremely strong empire that influenced modern day culture, architecture and legal matters. Buildings were made of beautiful marble; some pieces still stand. Patricians lived lavish lives and certain leaders made the Empire amazing. Rome was a role model of all the civilizations coming after it. But as many great things do, this place of many achievements and advances had a slow and gradual fall. There are many reasons why this empire fell but there are a few that standout. The hardships that the Romans encountered including a declining military and the terrible high taxes caused Rome’s fall to occur. An important factor that contributed in the process of Rome’s fall was the declining military and the many invaders. Within an excerpt by Indro Montanelli, it says, “The Roman army [was] composed entirely of Germans” (Doc. 5). There were no longer Romans as the Empire was barely expanding. The Romans were once great and exemplar in war but those days were no longer possible to recreate. In the Human Legacy textbook, it states, “As new peoples began to move west from Central Asia, however, they pushed these Germanic tribes into the empire” (190). The result of this happening was something that the legions thought would make Rome crumble on it’s own. This is a significant thing to happen because these Germans fleeing into Rome caused a domino effect. It was madness; the Huns, the Visigoths and Vandals were groups that all attacked Rome and lead it to it’s

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