The Roman Empire : The Fall Of The Byzantine Empire

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The Byzantine era was the era that shaped our world and made it what it is today. They influenced modern decisions and they were a very advance civilization in that age. The Roman emperor Constantine and his successor moved the Capital to the Eastern Mediterranean and they rebuilt the city called Byzantium and called it Constantinople. The empire grew out to the Middle East and to Northern Africa. The Eastern side of the Roman empire became too known as the Byzantine empire. The empire held its power for 500 years after it collapsed. There are a lot of reasons why the empire fell and one of them are that they were attacked by barbaric tribes like the Goths. The roman empire also fell because they overly relied on peasants who were the farmers and the soldiers in the military. The roman empire was also attacked by the Arabs in the 600s and the 700s and overall these 3 reasons were one of the few reasons why the roman empire came to an end. Even if the roman empire fell it impacted the world a lot even to this day the ideas they made are still being used. There are a lot of reasons why people should study about the Byzantine era and one of them are that they were skilled and very advanced in military and in economic power for back then. They had a very different approach to military as the peasants formed the backbone of the empire as they were the ones basically doing everything. “Peasants formed the backbone of the empire, working the land, paying taxes and providing
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