The Roman Empire Was Formerly The Largest And Greatest

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The Roman Empire was formerly the largest and greatest empire in the world. Nevertheless, “all good things good must come to an end.” The powerhouse empire came to an end in 476 C.E., and numerous accusations have been given for the collapse of this once great empire. Many would argue that the external pressure from invading barbarians was what prompted the fall of the Roman Empire. The fact is however that internal factors including social, economic and political problems were the reason for the demise of the Roman Empire. Existing internal problems in Rome including rapid expansion, a decaying city both physically and morally, failing economy, poor leadership, and the incompetent defense was what provoked the empire to collapse.
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(Nardo, 16) The rapid expansion that took place led to agricultural problems and lack of food for all of the occupants. (Heather, 15) To expand the military groups of the empire went on campaigns in the hope of expanding Roman territory. Due tot the fact that the army was traveling to foreign lands and invading they were transmitted diseases, including the famous plague. This epidemic was the cause of a huge population decrease. The result of the population decrease was catastrophic. Agricultural productivity declined, there was a massive reduction in tax revenues, and fewer people were being recruited for the army, all because the empire’s people were sickly and quickly moribund. (Nardo, 30) The rapid expansion upset many of the individuals in the newly conquered Roman lands, including the Barbarians who conducted frequent rebellions. (Cause of the Fall of the Roman Empire) The expansion that took place at the end of the Golden Age weakened the Empire and encouraged the ultimate fall. Newly conquered lands led to more people, which led to a food shortage. The people of the conquered lands spread diseases like the plague. The people of the newly conquered lands did not like the Romans which led to rebellions which weakened the empire. Based on the fact that the agricultural productivity was decreasing, less food was being
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