The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty Essay

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THE ROMAN EMPIRE AND THE HAN DYNASTY The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty Imagine being the head of government in one or two of the most famously remembered governments in the world’s history! The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty are two of the most famous governments in history. The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty were governed in very different ways, however both contributed greatly to Western civilization. The Roman Empire was in power between 1,000 and 1,200 years. The Han Dynasty was in power approximately 400 years, with a little break in the middle. The Han Dynasty was the longest reigning Dynasty in China. When looking at these two great powers it might be apparent that the Han Dynasty would have lasted longer because of…show more content…
Non-Chinese states were allowed to remain autonomous in exchange for symbolic acceptance of Han overlordship. The Han Dynasty did expand into southern China, northern Vietnam, and parts of Korea. Conversely, the Han Dynasty’s primary focus was not to conquer as much land as possible for more power and wealth as was the Roman Empire emphasis. The Han Dynasty developed the Silk Road, which allowed them to connect with the Roman Empire. The Chinese knew how to make silk; the Roman’s wanted the silk, but did not know how to make it. Thus, the Silk Road was a 4,000-mile long network of trade routes that connected China to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Trade resembled a chain, with each trader and a segment of the trade route representing a link in the chain. Travel along the Silk Road was dangerous. Eventually, the roads became extremely hazardous and risky when bandits acquired the expertise of manufacturing Chinese gunpowder. Sailors learned to navigate alternate avenues by utilizing the sea that was safer and faster than the Silk Road. Subsequently, due to Rome desiring the silk made in China, the Silk Road connected the two robust, although distinctive powers. Both powerful in their own right, the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty had numerous contributions that are still valuable and influential in our today. The Roman Empire impacted our world by constructing road and buildings, creating indoor

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