The Roman Revolution

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Myles Lee
Mr. Orford
December 7, 2015

Refining Civilizations

One of the reasons Rome was so powerful, is that they took other people’s accomplishments and used them for their own. Roman laws were mostly composed of assimilated rules and regulations from other cultures. The Twelve Tables allowed the republic to expand and be a model for future cultures. They were the best attempt at all-encompassing laws and rights, that were binding to every person in the republic, not just Roman citizens. As such, it broke down the barriers between the classes and rights of every individual, creating equality. The key to Roman law was The Twelve Tables, as they united Romans and allowed Rome to progress past the time of the Etruscan dictators.
To begin with, as Garfield Newman explains, “The Roman Republic was a result of the people’s discontent with the tyrannical, domineering attitudes of the Etruscan kings”, The corrupt kings gave citizens something to rally against, this led to the uprising of the Roman aristocrats against the final Etruscan King, Lucius Tarquinius. Shortly after the fall of Etruscan rule, the Roman Republic created a constitution with the Twelve Tables at its roots. The Roman government was very strong which allowed for Rome to expand, “Polybius, who was a Greek states-man held hostage in Rome, sought to explain Rome’s ability to prosper and expand. He concluded that the Roman
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