The Roman Transport Network : Roads Essay

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Transportation Histories
Prof. Pamela Blackwell
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Mid Term Paper

The Roman Transport Network - Roads

Rome, during the peak of its empire, covered more than 6.8 million square kilometers and held sway over 70 million people. 21% of the world’s population during the period was under Roman influence [1]. So how did Rome manage to successfully control this vast area of land and its enormous population within it? Were there any technological innovations achieved at this time? If so, do these achievements impact our society today? These are the questions that will be answered in this proposition.

In a large nation like the United States, the infrastructure designed within is different from a small country like Singapore. This is because the size of the country and the changes in topography are very much different from one another. The reason we are briefed of such information is because, in order to understand how the Roman Empire manage to sustain itself, we must recognize how Rome formulated its infrastructure. With this in mind, we must also acknowledge that having a large domain comes with the difficulty of controlling it. The key to control, even through modern times, has always been communication. The power to react within a timely manner has always been the decisive feature in maintaining control. However, without the advancements of communication technology in the ancient times, the only method of communication was by dispatch and what is a
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