The Roman and Achaemenid Empires

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Although separated by many years, they had countless resemblances that may have had an important role in their success. First, you can see parallels concerning their approaches to governance. Both empires were so expansive that they could not be practically controlled by one central authority. They both had analogous attitudes towards the general population, religious tolerance and were greatly influenced by the cultures they annexed into their empires.
Rome and Persia paralleled in many aspects of governmental policy. They were both governed under a republic in order to manage their expansive conquered lands. Both empires were huge and well organized. According to History World International, the Persian Empire governed different conquered peoples on the principle of equal responsibilities and equal rights. If taxes were paid and no one revolted against their rule, local religion, customs, and trade would be left to the local government (Giusepi. 2004. p 1). While the Roman Empire did allow many religious and cultural freedoms as well, they did attempt to “Romanize” its citizens, and enslave the people they conquered. This caused an understandable amount of unrest amongst its people.
Another similarity was how these empires installed a military representative in conquered lands to maintain control and report back to their Emperors (Guisepi. 2004 p 1).
According to Cuyler Young’s…

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