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The Romance of Reunion Nina Silber’s historical analysis in The Romance of Reunion, takes an in depth look at the groundwork that was behind the reconstruction of the nation after the Civil War. While most historians refer to the political agenda behind fixing the segregated nation, Silber takes a moderately different approach and focuses more on reunification, rather than reconstruction. Her argument is made very clear throughout the book and through the use of numerous illustrations that were developed during this time period, Silber created an approach to the situation that generally focused on the opposing views of gender roles within the North and the South. In the opening chapter of the book, Silber does a great job out…show more content…
While all people were considered human, Silber points out that in no way did whites consider the blacks to be equal. Silber convincingly used various primary sources to illustrate her argument of the reunification of the states such as illustrations, poems, newspaper quotes, and quotes from prominent figures of the time. For example, Silber referred to a poem that was written in 1893 by a northern magazine to highlight the irony of the Colored Jubilee Day (Silber 137). Her use of illustrations often proved to be very helpful in establishing solid framework for all of her arguments, be it racial undermining of blacks (even thought whites fought for their freedom), as well as the Unions bitter original bitter and feminine view of southern masculinity. In her inclusion of an illustration of “Jefferson Davis as an Unprotected Female,” Silber shows the northern view of a Confederate hero even showing signs of feminine connection (Silber 35). Silber understands the South’s gender and class to be a means of their personal identification, and it was “linked in the northern postwar portrayal of their former enemies” (Silber 34). The Romance of Reunion was definitely a different approach than most to the understanding of the nations reunification process. She took cultural understandings of race, class, and gender that the North had for the South, and

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