The Romani Language : The Language Of Inflected Romani

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The Romani Language The culture of the Roma, otherwise known as gypsies, encases many cultural values and traditions separate from that of Western culture. A factor of their culture includes their language, which can be defined as a system of publicly shared symbols by which individuals share private experiences. The Roma’s language of inflected Romani, created after from linguistic divergence of the Indo-European proto language, is able to meet all the properties of language as well as being interrelated with their culture. Romani allows gypsies to be able to preserve their culture when they are dispersed around the world, while upholding their beliefs because of how they think through the lense of language. Romani, being the language most commonly spoken by the Roma, is very different throughout Europe. Since the Roma have diffused in many locations, different dialects have developed based on the languages surrounding them and how they are acculturated or if they choose to assimilate. Due to the lack of a state committed to the culture of the Roma, many people within these communities adapt and pick up the language commonly spoken in the country in which they have settled. Overtime, a shift in values has lead to a cultural view that has western or other european views infused into that of the Roma’s culture. This leads to the need for code switching within their society because of the language difference between the people of Roma culture and the language of the country

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