The Romani People or Gypsies

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There are many types of people in the world who do not have specific states that they call their homes. Many people like this have fought and still continue to fight to make it so they have their own place to call home. An example of these people are the Romani people also formerly known as the Gypsies. The Romani people are associated with what is called a stateless nation. A stateless nation is defined as a national group that aspires to become a nation-state, but lacks the territorial means to do so. The Romani people are nomadic people which causes them to be all over the world. Because they are known to be all over the world they don’t have their own state where they can practice their historical cultures, their cultures, and their political organization/ government they follow. Traditionally the Romani people are nomadic people and are sound on every continent. They are also called The Roma and in English known as the Gypsies because of the inaccurate idea that they came from a little Egypt. The Romani descended from people who emigrated from the Indian Sub-continent. The Romani blood lines have been traced and found they are closely related to those of South Himalayan Tribes and the genetics of them including mutations they have are only found among Indians and Pakistanis. According to their history it is believed that they came from NW India and when they left went to Persia around the 11th century. Later they moved northward and westward and reported to have first
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