The Roman's Army: The Battle Of Hannibal

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battle strategies. Once the battle was well under way and it was a hand to hand combat situation, neither of them were really able to gain the upper hand for a long time. The battle finally turned in the Roman's favour as the Roman cavalry returned to the battlefield and attacked the Carthaginian line from behind. The Carthaginian infantry was encircled and annihilated. Thousands of Carthaginians, including Hannibal, managed to escape the slaughter. Hannibal experienced a major defeat that put an end to all resistance on the part of Carthage. In total, as many as 20,000 men of Hannibal’s army were killed at Zama, while 20,000 were taken as prisoners. The Romans, on the other hand, suffered as few as 2,500 dead. The propaganda around him resembles
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