The Romans Of The Augustan Age

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1. What does it mean to be a Roman? How did the Romans of the Augustan age think about themselves? What are some of the important ideas that they used to form their identity? How did they see themselves in relationship to others? How did other peoples contribute to their identity? To be a Roman is a very honorable trait, because at the time Rome had taken over most of the modern world. For one to be a Roman they must have honor and respect and if they lost those two traits they would be ashamed as we can see in the Rape of Lucretia where she takes her own life since her honor was lost at no fault to her own. Roman women were also no treated as second class citizens, but instead were able to have the same rights as men, which was far from normal at that time in the ancient world. I believe that the Romans of the Augustan age thought of themselves as a world power similar to what we see today in the United States, but I think they also saw that they were internally corrupted by their own vices such as alcohol and women. This caused the Roman government to take notice, since they believed the “national character” as a whole was lowering. One law that they believed to help control their citizens moral obligations were their laws towards adultery, which made it illegal for a husband to stay married if she cheated on him and also allowed her father to kill the adulterer and the daughter. But the rights of the father did not stop there since the father was the patria potestas
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