The Romans Road Is An Intellectual Method Of Evangelism

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The Romans Road
Summary of Method – The Romans Road is an intellectual method of evangelism. It utilizes the book of Romans to illustrate to a nonbeliever the steps necessary in order to be saved. This method walks the evangelist and the nonbeliever through specific verses in the Bible. These verses have been selected because they call attention to the need for salvation, they state the good news that a way to salvation has already been prepared, they warn nonbelievers of what will happen if the nonbeliever remains in the sinful state, they inform the nonbeliever that there is no other way to salvation except through Jesus, and they proclaim that confessing this truth is the action which needs to be taken. Dr. Jack Hyles preached the original Romans Road list on Sunday morning, June 28, 1970. During his sermon, Dr. Hyles said, “I came up with a little plan of presenting the plan of salvation called ‘The Romans Road’ whereby you take verses contained in Romans and show people how to be saved using Romans 3:10, and Romans 3:23, and Romans 5:12, and Romans 5:8 and on and on”. Since the time that the original plan was proposed by Dr. Hyles, variations have arisen. When an evangelist sits with a nonbeliever he or she need only to read though these selections from the book of Romans. Depending on which specific Romans Roads plan is chosen, there could be variations in the numbers of verses or the order in which the verses are read with the nonbeliever.
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