The Romantic Er The Victorian Period And The Romantic Period

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Earlier in The Victorian Period, also known as the Victorian era began in the year 1837. It was also an important period, because it was the year that Victoria became Queen. Also years passed and the Victorian Period ended with her death in 1901. History says that the Victorian period is one of the longest periods ever. The Queen Victoria lasted 63 long years and lasted longer than many British monarchs. Despite the fact that the Romantic period lasted less than the Victorian. The Victorian period is said that lasted twice as the Romantic period. The Victorian period was a very influential movement. For example a Victorian period novel is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The Victorian period even though it ended it is steel known in modern days. In the year 1843 there…show more content…
After that the novel takes in a resort town in Germany. It is a story of a girl who gambles and happily enjoying time away from her family. Later on Gwendolyn which is the name of the protagonist finds a letter from her mother and when she reads the letter, her life changed from better to worst. In fact the author had problems at first; she took a man’s name to begin with. Eliot said that girls were not taken seriously as they take men. She believed that if she changes her name she would get more respect from other people. Her novel was great but some people do not like the novel because it caused a lot of confusion and problems. In conclusion Robert Louis Stevenson literary career did not begin till 1878. More importantly his first success was with Treasure Island in 1833. What Robert did changed his life and became a famous writer. To conclude Charles Dickens of all the three authors I have, he is the most who made an effect. To summarize Dickens work he is the best in my opinion in writing novels. Dickens work is known to everyone in the literature culture. The characters in A Christmas Carol had a lot of

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