The Romantic Era Of The Age Of Enlightenment

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The Romantic Era was a literary movement that occurred in the late 18th century and the early 19th century. During this movement, artists and authors alike rebelled against the established order and classism of the time, and the values once believed in during the Age of Enlightenment (The Romantic Era ). While the people of the Age of Enlightenment valued reason, and focused on the new and original (The Enlightenment), the people of the Romantic Era focused on the emotions of the individual, nature, and the narrowed outlook of life seen through the simplicity of undereducated societies (The Nineteenth Century: Romanticism ). .A number of the literary pieces and artistic paintings from this time were based not only on the emotions of the artists, but were also shaped by the changing world around them. During the Romantic Era, wars were fought as countries were torn apart over the class systems and the unjust treatment that the people of lower classes suffered. A list of the wars fought in this period includes The Battle Of Waterloo, fought by the emperor Napoleon , which ended in 1815,the revolutions of the countries France, Italy, Austria, and Prague, and The American Civil War, fought from 1861 to 1865 (Romanticism Timeline ). Romantic poets like Walt Whitman, who experienced the American Civil War first hand (Walt Whitman), used their experiences with the wars to create their poetry. The elements of the arts, musical, literary, and illustrated, that the romantics
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