The Romantic Era to Present

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Humanities: The Romantic Era to Present

Less than Men Are men and women equal? Women were and still are the most stereotypical human beings. Women’s have been viewed from the view point of being the most beautiful creation, to being fragile, weak and pretty much useless. Women were said to belong at homes. They were to become housewives, to become nurses, people takers, and only good for house works. They were looked down upon. As François Poullain stated, “Let every Man be asked his Thoughts of Women and that he would surely confess his Mind; he will tell you without doubt, That they were not made but for Man; That they are fit for nothing, but to Nurse; and Breed little Children in their Low Age; and to mind the House.” Women were viewed as simply nothing, no good for anything. Women were basically treated and looked at as being less than a man. They were treated so much more different than any man. There was an unfair share of equal rights. They were not able to vote, to participate in politics, or to even have a real job. Many employers believed that women were not qualified because women lacked the capability to manage some work. Also many women and girls were not permitted to attend school, since they were forced to become housewives and that was the only thing they were to be good at. Women belong at their house and not anywhere else. How ridiculous does that sound? Simone-Lucie-Ernestine-Marie Bertrand de Beauvoir, or better known as Simone de Beauvoir,
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