The Romantic Period : An Explosion Of Artistic Energy From 1790-1820 Essay

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The Romantic Period was an explosion of artistic energy from 1790-1820, which began in Germany and quickly spread to the United States, almost all of Europe, and Latin America. Those in this time idealized nature and embraced the uncivilized, and imagination was a key component to their writing. Steven Kreis, author for The History Guide writes, “…one power possessed by the Romantic…was imagination…” (Kreis 1). The idea was the rejection of the Enlightenment and the acceptance of individuality and self-expression. One big player in the Romantic Era, and considered to be one of the founders of the movement, was Samuel Taylor Coleridge. He was born in 1772 to a clergyman in England and is the tenth and youngest child. Coleridge attended Cambridge from 1791 to 1794 but never graduated. He met William Wordsworth, another founder of the Romantic Movement, in 1797 and produced his best work with him. Coleridge was also one of the first to incorporate conversational poetry into his work due to Wordsworth. He later went to Germany with Wordsworth and Wordsworth’s sister Dorothy, but the siblings were miserable and it eventually led them back to the Lake District. Upon their return, Coleridge got sick and became addicted to opium in order to relieve his pain. The opium completely changed him and brought about what was known as his “wandering phase”. In 1813, he faced his addiction and went to a doctor, but couldn’t overcome it and died in 1834. He was a very dreamy person,

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