The Romantic Period : Johannes Brahm And The Romantic Period

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For my era, I chose the Romantic period and the artist I chose associated with this time is none other than Johannes Brahms. The Romantic movement originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century, however, it reached its peak in most areas approximately between 1800 and 1850. Nevertheless, since the spread and popularity of the movement depended on the region, it’s said to have reached Vienna around 1825 and ended roughly around 1900. The Romantic period was not only an intellectual, literary, and artistic movement, it was a change in musical style as well. Like most periods, it was divided up into three phases: early, high, and late, which is often referred to as post-romantic. Romanticism followed Classicism, which was centered in Vienna, and was ultimately the result of political and social upheavals in relationship to the French Revolution. In the spirit of Romanticism, this era is considered to have fostered the rise of the middle-class. Overall, the work of artists, writers, and poets was defined as passionate and imaginative. The subjects and settings were usually exotic and they all typically explored the depths of eternal human conflict. Overall, emotion, imagination, and mystery inspired Romantics. Furthermore, memorable melodies, richly expressive harmony, and broad expanded forms characterized Romantic music. The once Classical tradition became heavily influenced by emotional elements, reduced formalism, and the implementation of often non-musical

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