The Romantic Period Of British Literature

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In British Literature, there are many poets and authors who left a mark in history and helped shaped the time period each one was born and lived in. In all three eras, the Romantic, the Victorian, and The Contemporary or Modern, all the poets visited different themes throughout their work such as religion, spirituality, nature, imagination, and love. A very important and prevalent theme is love, which all poets of each time period express in many different ways. Love in British Literature is much more than just romantic and simple type of love, it is a power and it affects everyone differently. Love is also presented through the poet’s works depending on what their conception of love is. It very rarely was about two individuals loving one another, and much more about what the author loved and how their love was portrayed through that. The first time period is the Romantic Period, which was an explosion of artistic energy and imagination. It lasted from 1790-1820 and began in Germany, but quickly spread to the United States, almost all of Europe, and Latin America. Those in this time period began to turn to self-thought and the idea of individuality. It was an era full of emotion, intense feelings, and intuition, and imagination was a key component to everyday life as well as writing. Romantics also idealized nature and embraced the uncivilized and the wild. Nature was viewed in two ways: calm and peaceful or frightening and awe inspiring. There was a revolt against
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