The Romantic Period Of The Victorian Era

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Nicole Beltran
English IV- C
Ms. Gordon
18 March 2015
Research Paper
Throughout history, many time periods have been similar and different from each other. People from each time period decide what they want to continue incorporating and what they would like to disregard. The Victorian Era was brought about upon to show rebellion from the Romantic period. The Victorian Era is a reaction against the Romantic Period due to differences in terms of historical influences, effects of science, crises of faith, and women’s desire for change.
The Romantic Period’s history started in 1798 and ended less than thirty-five years later in 1832. Every period has a recognizable identity and the one for the Romantic Period is that it is a time for an escape from the intellectual side with an addition of reaction to political and social turmoil. The middle and low class tried to corrupt against the politics of this time because of their lack of rights and structure. A massive factor in the history of the Romantic period is the start and continuous effects of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution is the transition of having manual labor to using machinery in factories and agriculture. The Industrial Revolution led to: high poverty levels, low pay, distressed workers, and a demand for reform. The turmoil and craziness of this period tremendously affected the authors of this time. The authors’ immersed themselves in a love for nature to get rid of the pain caused by the…
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