The Romantic Story Of Vivian And Edward Formed

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The romantic story displays how physical and emotional chemistry can carry two socially different individuals together, which are from diverse paths of life. Vivian and Edward formed a natural resourceful, loving, and funny relationship in a week span. After analyzing the plot and characterizations from the romance regarding the action sequence common to middle Adulthood, it was easy understand the dialogue because it addressed certain aspects of middle adulthood. For instance, the movie begin, with Edward at a business party on the phone with a women named Jessica. She was supposed to be his date but she told him he was never there for her, because he is always working. Then there was a scene at the beginning with, Vivian and her friend discussing how they would get the money to pay the rent for the month. Both of these are inferences of certain effects that are common to middle adulthood, things like divorce, bills and work. In the beginning, Vivian was viewed as the new girl on the block, she is consider to be a lower class prostitute. Vivian appeared miserable of being a prostitute but she had to live that life to survive. Vivian was from a small town called Milledgeville, Georgia, she did not finish high school because she did drugs until she was 14 years old and stopped at the 11th grade. She relocated to California because she left home with an old boyfriend, they broke up and he left her alone. Vivian later met her friend kit, who talked her into

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