The Romantics : Advice For Today

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Younjin Song Mr. Hallstrom English 3H 15 November 2015 The Romantics: Advice for Yesterday, Advice for Today It is often said that we are currently living in an “Age of Information.” The invention of new technology, namely the internet, has allowed us access to enormous databases of information right at our fingertips. In a matter of mere seconds, we have the ability to virtually travel across the globe, through history, and even into the minds of others. Not only this, but we can also communicate almost instantaneously with people all around the world. However, has this change made us more open-minded, or has it made us one-sided and susceptible to fiction? We may be becoming too dependent and easily influenced by media and public opinion. If having more information was important in the past, it has now become a battle of how well we can sort it through. Within this wealth of material, the work of Romantic authors like Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Emily Dickinson not only appears to be lost, but certainly outdated and no longer pertinent. Yet, the passage of time has not dulled, but undeniably strengthened the words and messages of these poets. Thoreau, Emerson, and Dickinson urge us to reflect upon our lives and remind us of the importance of patience, self-expression, and risks; in an increasingly connected and rapidly moving world, it becomes sufficiently clear why this advice has endured. Almost everyone would agree that there is more to life than
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