The Romsnovs: The Final Chapter

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In the biography,The Romanovs: The Final Chapter, Robert K. Massie delves on what might have truly happened to the Romanov family. A large portion of the book goes into extensive detail on the uncovering of the grave and authentication of bones belonging to the Romanovs. Another large section is dedicated to discrediting many impostors that arose in the time after their deaths such as solving the mystery of Anna Anderson, a woman who claimed to be the missing Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaevna. In the biography, Massie would recount all of this and how the death of the Romanovs would baffle countries across the globe into trying to uncover the secrets of their deaths and how it would forever change Russia’s view on government. From what Massie describes in The Final Chapter it only really gives a small glimpse of what happened before the Romanovs were executed. Russia was suffering under Nicholas’s rule. When Nicholas was crowned in 1896 he wanted to preserve the absolute monarchy but the Russian people wanted change. Over the course of his rule he would go back on his word numerous times which would favor his rivals, The Bolsheviks. Russia would fight unprepared in WW1. The military and resources would suffer great losses. All of this would lead the Russian people to lose faith in their Tsar. In 1914, the February Revolution would begin and after much rebellion Nicholas abdicated the throne in 1917. The November Revolution commanded by leader of the Bolsheviks, Vladimir

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