The Roof And Interior Of The Insured Property

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The scope of this investigation included an on-site visit of the Mr. Federico’s residence to examine the roof and interior of the insured property. MFES investigation included a visual, non-destructive assessment of the affected portions of the structure, photographs of the claimed damages, and weather data analysis around the reported date of loss.

The Federico’s residence is located at 2210 Marshall Street in Pasadena, Texas. This is a single story, single family home with an attached garage converted into a room. The building is constructed of a wood-framed structure with siding on a concrete slab-on-grade foundation. The house roof is a hip roof covered with asphalt composition shingles.

4) Documents Reviewed

1. Research weather data records in the general vicinity of the insured property to understand the conditions during the time of primary concern.

2. Harris County Assessor’s website:

5) Observations

MFES engineer interviewed the insured Mr. Federico at his residence to establish a timeline of the conditions and develop an understanding of the primary concerns. Mr. Federico was present during the inspection. Mr. Federico showed the damaged areas around the bedroom floor. Mr. Federico stated these damages had occurred after the May 25, 2015 rainstorm. He also stated that he had purchased the house about four years ago.

For the purpose of this report, the front of this house is facing north.


The roof has composition shingles.

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