The Rookie Chief Iso Essay

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“The Rookie Chief Information Security Officer”
Bradford Daniels
Professor Steven Brown
SEC 402
17 March 2013

1. a. Create an Organization Chart in which you

i. Illustrate the roles that will be required to ensure design, evaluation, implementation, and management of security programs for the organization.
The CISO is the executive responsible for the organization's entire security posture, both physical and digital. CISOs also frequently own or participate closely in related areas such as business continuity planning, loss prevention and fraud prevention, and privacy.
CISO Responsibilities:
Lead operational risk management
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Assessment of risks, implementing security and changing the culture of the institution through training and education, coordinating closely with the Health Sciences Center on security issues, compliance and preparing and enforcing policies. The position reports to the CIO, but recognizing the network-wide nature of the responsibility, will frequently be involved with policy development and systems security
Information Technology Security Compliance Officer (SCO)
Are overall responsibility for a comprehensive security program that includes information security policies, compliance, and management. They also develop long-term security strategies and ensure that the company meets all mandated security standards and client needs. He or she will provide security-related vision, leadership, and strategy required for the company’s continued market place presence and success. They also assist in the responsible of developing and implementing a corporate culture of compliance and information security. They will maintain and reinforce this culture throughout the organization via employee training and motivation, so that the culture underpins all business decisions and choices made on a daily basis. The SCO reports to the Security Manager.
Information Security Engineer
Information security engineers ensure that an organization's data and sensitive digital information is kept safe from
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