The Room At The Inn Summary

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The Room at the Inn offered me the ability to employ multicultural concepts with real world application. Ada Jenkins provides several health options for uninsured persons in the Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson communities. Mobile dentistry, a community health nurse, and a free medical clinic are accessible to these folks; however, mental health care is non-existing, as I find such an absence of support problematic. From the small sample that I witnessed through The Room at the Inn; an indisputable requirement for mental health counseling exists. Addiction struggles, anxieties/depression, self-esteem, amongst other probable mental health concerns stood predominant among the 12 men. Sadly, the men attending the YMCA on the 20th do not possess the financial means and outside resources to pursue mental health care. The twelve individuals face…show more content…
Several of the men at The Room at the Inn lacked self-worth, admitted inadequate outlooks from unsuccessful educational and economic prospects, and felt success was not conceivable due to their existing socioeconomic position. A shared component amongst the twelve men was the absence of positive identity. Each individual acknowledged themselves through failures rather than culture or former achievements. It appears when one is sealed in such economic anguish, developing awareness of one’s cultural identity is insoluble. A rejection of the dominant culture with respect to opportunity undoubtedly occurs, which is clearly plausible. One individual alluded to the notion that life doesn’t have a Black or White problem it has a rich or poor problem, thus financial scorn has no color. I am not sure if the gentleman discussing these concerns held back in debate, with respect to race, due to the fact that I am a White male employed in a habitat, delivering him a positive
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