The Room I Assessed At Kearney Sixpence

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The room I assessed is at Kearney Sixpence. I used the Bright Futures Preschool room for toddler’s that are between the ages of eighteen months to thirty-six months. This room is the room that I am at for my TE 343 field placement. Because this preschool is for toddlers, I used the Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale.
I scored the space and furnishings topic at 6.20. Indoor space received an individual score of seven because there is a large amount of room for children to roam around and the natural light can be controlled due to the adjustable blinds that hang from the windows. Furniture for routine care and play also received a seven because there are all different sizes of furniture for both toddlers and adults to play on. Provision
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When the children leave at the end of the day, their parent’s receive a written record of their child’s day went. Meals/snacks received a score of seven because staff provide healthy snacks for the children, are aware of any allergies, and promote healthy habits, such as washing hands before and after meal and snack times. Nap received a score of seven because nap is routine in the day’s schedule. Children are safe while napping in the classroom and quiet child-appropriate music is play during the entire naptime. Children can bring a blanket from home to help them nap easier. Diapering/toileting received a score of seven because sanitary conditions are always met and there are child-sized toilets and sinks to make the process easier for children. Health practices received a score of four because when the children play in the sandbox on a daily basis, it is never covered when it is not being used, allowing possible hazardous objects to get into the sand, not to mention the fact that the sand will continue to get dirty. Safety practices received a score of seven because the staff members are always follow school safety rules and procedures and explain to the students why they have to follow these specific rules and procedures.
I scored the listening and talking topic at 6.67. Helping children understand language received a score of seven because the staff uses a variety of words, including sight words and high frequency words. The staff also does a
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