The Room Was Filling Up With People

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The room was filling up with people, as Ella sat at the table watching family and friends enter with smiling faces, she felt a terrible isolation and loneliness. She knew that she should be feeling happy but on overwhelming part of her felt a dread and fear, fear that her whole life was just a lie that Dorrigo did not love her, but rather loved her out of obligation than any other feeling. Sometimes it felt as though she was just part of some elaborate game in which Dorrigo must take part. Her thoughts were interrupted as somebody walked into her field of view. “Ella, my dear” she said enthusiastically, “You look wonderful, how are you and Dorrigo?” “Ah…Sarah, it has been a while” she said with a fake smile plastered across her lips, “I am feeling great, after all the big day is drawing near” Dorrigo, how was Dorrigo? She was not even sure, Dorrigo no longer seemed to say anything real and of substance to her anymore. She felt as though any love he had for her was lost after Dorrigo had returned from the war, no maybe it had begun even before he had left. She had started to notice something was wrong when he was stationed in Adelaide. At the time Ella was not sure if it was him or if it was her. Maybe she wasn’t doing enough; maybe she was inadequate. Sometimes she had thought that maybe there was another woman, she had hoped that it was just childish jealousy and that if she did not pursue anything then it would all sort itself out and Dorrigo would come to love her
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