The Room Was Warm, The Curtains

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The room was warm, the curtains were closed, the two table lamps were lit. On the cupboard behind her there were two glasses and some drinks. Mary Maloney was waiting for her husband to come home from work. Now and again she glanced at the clock, but without anxiety: She merely wanted to satisfy herself that each minute that went by made it nearer the time when he would come home. As she bent over her sewing, she was curiously peaceful. This was her sixth month expecting a child. Her mouth and her eyes, with their new calm look, seemed larger and darker than before. When the clock said ten minutes to five, she began to listen, and a few moments later, punctually as always, she heard the car tires on the stones outside, the car door…show more content…
"Darling," she said," If you 're too tired to eat out tonight, as we had planned, I can fix you something. There 's plenty of meat and stuff in the freezer." Her eyes waited to an answer, a smile, a nod, but he made no sign. "Anyway," she went on. "I 'll get you some bread and cheese." "I don 't want it," he said. She moved uneasily in her chair. "But you have to have supper. I can easily fix you something. I 'd like to do it. We can have lamb. Anything you want. Everything 's in the freezer." "Forget it," he said. "But, darling, you have to eat! I 'll do it anyway, and then you can have it or not, as you like." She stood up and put placed her sewing on the table by the lamp. "Sit down," he said. "Just for a minute, sit down." It wasn 't until then that she began to get frightened. "Go on," he said. "Sit down." She lowered herself into the chair, watching him all the time with large, puzzled eyes. He had finished his second drink and was staring into the glass. "Listen," he said. "I 've got something to tell you." "What is it, darling? What 's the matter?" He became absolutely motionless, and he kept his head down. "This is going to be a big shock to you, I 'm afraid," he said. "But I 've thought about it a good deal and I 've decided that the only thing to do is to tell you immediately." And he told her. It didn 't take long, four or five minutes at most, and she
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