The Root Cause Analysis Of Rca Essay

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The root cause analysis, RCA is used in the health care profession to find flaws and opportunities for improvement in the nursing environment. It is a structured analysis method for serious adverse health care events. Moreover, by conducting a RCA, health care practitioners determine the underlying problems that intensify the likelihood of errors with avoidance of focus on individuals’ mistakes. A systems approach is used to detect and eliminate active and latent errors to prevent future harm. As a result, RCAs follow a pre-specified protocol starting with collection of data, record reviewing and participant interviews to reconstruct the event in question (Franklin, Shebl & Barber, 2012). Health care workers are obligated to protect their clients through full understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators for aversion of any possible cases of hospital-associated injury or death. If a patient is in more danger than they arrived at the hospital, then a RCA is useful to determine the way forward. A 67-year old male patient presented to the emergency department moaning and complaining of severe pain to his left leg and hip after a fall. The patient’s vital signs are recorded as blood pressure 120/80, heart rate 88, body temperature 98.60F, and respiration 32 and weights of 175 pounds. The pain is severe at 10/10. On assessment it is revealed that the patient is in moderate distress and the left leg seems shortened with calf edema, ecchymosis and has a limited range of motion.
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